Kelvin Says?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hey Guys.
I thought it was the time to move on to another place...

See you on the other side.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Sometimes it feels as if people around me can't hear me talking to them.
I have to make it damn obvious that I’m talking to them,
to catch their attention.

Or was it an illusion that I'm talking to them?

Who knows?

But thank god some of them can still hear me.

Miser or being particular?
Pretentious or just being mistaken?

Brainwashed or confused?

Important choices/side people need to choose/take .

Monday, June 22, 2009


In between to do what's right and
what seems to be most beneficial,
which sometimes is not supposed to.
some may understand by the term,
by right & by left.

I try to do things the right way,
but people seem to dislike me for it,
as i implicate it on them as well.
Doing the right things at times means more work,
a more troublesome approach at doing things.

It stresses me as I'm torn between.

Sometimes a cold shoulder treatment
because of doing the right things.

the irony.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

confusing thoughts.

I have been having different thoughts.
Thoughts that seem to split me into two.
One is the compromising me who is easy with anything.
The other, is this crazy opinionated side who has been on the rage recently.
It just leaves me so confused.

Am I this easy to go along with person or...
am I this bitch that wants things going my way?
When I say anything is fine with me, do I mean it?
Do I really need to insist that it happens like this?
Compromising people to make them happy, in turn upset my inner self?
A slave to the world?

I think I need to kill this bitch in me. It’s getting out of control.

Someone stop this bitch. Please. It’s just making my life more dramatic.

Do I love the drama? Or do I not want it?


I had dinner with my parents.
The waitress that served our dinner, her name is Butterfly Hu.
I sure hope her Chinese name is not Hu Die (han yu pin yin).

I just received my 30 ROCK SEASON 1 & 2 DVDs.

My biatch clique is having some disputes and I’m worried. Very worried.

I’m still looking for my ideal brown leather&canvas, nice buckles, messenger bag.

I need to lose more pounds.

I'm still peeling from that sunburn. at least it's not painful anymore.

I think my lappie is going to land up in the grave soon.

I LOVE LADY GAGA!!! *SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

Sunday, May 03, 2009


Friday, April 24, 2009








In the afternoon, Mom took an effort to make a trip home during lunch hour just to make porridge for Sis as she had just went for a wisdom tooth extraction. After the rush, she sat on the sofa to take a breather. It was in a split second that she started tearing, unable to further control her emotions.
I was taken aback.

Mom was very stressed out.
She worried about the future financial status of the company,
how sis was being very temperamental, the frequent quarrels between my sister and I,
and how she thought that I was jealous that my sis was being more favored over me.

I looked at mom.
The usually emotionally-stable woman who is my hero was breaking down.
My heart ached as though my heart was slowly lowered into a basin of vinegar.
The tears I shed hung still on the lower eyelids, like water before the river dam, with the desire of rushing through yet trapped by the dam wall.

Mom thinks she has been not been competent enough.
But I know she has tried her very best and she is already my hero.

I couldn’t express myself clearly with words,
so I gave her a hug, wishing deep inside my heart that god give her strength.

I love you mum.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

ellen and thoughts.

Recently, I've been able to watch the ellen show almost everyday.
ellen is freaking funny.
she either has like bags of jokes in her pockets all the time,
or she has a whole congress of writers behind the scenes.

She has put up a campaign in recent weeks,
aiming to be on the cover of oprah's O magazine.
it's called O, YES I CAN! *yes note the pun.
and it just brightens up my day watching what she comes up with..

AND... it worked!!!

And her show has a CAT!

i wish i had one.
but mom tells me, if i ever bring one home,
"just watch out what end's up in the curry."
i sure hope she was just joking.

talking about something different...

I found out that some of the people in camp are just filthy rich.
One's pocket money for a year can just buy a car, and....
stays 5 minutes away from THE CATHAY.
One has at least $300 in $50 notes in his wallet,
One has studied in england right after pri.6 all the way...
to his A'levels, and is returning to england to do medcine,
stays in bukit timah 6, has his own car... a volkswagen beetle.

you just wonder.. with a little jealousy.
how do they end up like that?

i reminded myself again that god has his own plans,
giving us what we need, and looking after us...

"when you pray for courage?
does he just give it to you or
does he give you a chance to show it?"

I want to go prawning... .... .... ... .... ....